Our goal is your satisfaction.

Talleres Vilam, in its firm commitment to offer a quality service, has been certified and audited since 2007 according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

For our company, Quality is a fundamental and permanent target, involved throughout the entire process. 

ISO 9001 is associated with competitiveness and added value. The commitment it signifies provides us with a total level of demand focused on customer satisfaction and service improvement. It guarantees to all our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, collaborators, etc.) that our methods used are the ideal ones to achieve the highest quality in our production and service. This certification implies constant improvement, through product management, process and system non-conformities and, especially, improvement in internal management. Finally, it enables us to collaborate with the public sector and large companies, which often demand, as an essential requirement, the integration of a quality control system according to the ISO 9001 Standard, implemented and certified.

Talleres Vilam’s mission is to offer simple, reliable and adaptable solutions to each of our customers, always ensuring the highest quality. All the departments that comprise our company are involved and validated in this process.